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Posted on Thu, Sep. 20th (2007) at 23:06


Sorry 'readers', but I think the time has come for me to make my journal 'friends only'. (Basically I'm really paranoid that my parents have been reading it).
I've left a few public entries below for you to get an idea of what I talk about. So have a read, and if you like what you read then send me a message and add me :)

I mainly post about...
*Current events
*ranting about society
*Reviewing Gigs
*Reviewing music
*Everyday life at College
*My social life
*University plans

Uni update

Posted on Mon, Sep. 17th (2007) at 16:13
I can't actually remember if I've posted about my 'uni thoughts' before, but as it's the main thing on my mind at the moment, be prepared for loads of entries about it.

At the moment I'm torn between Coventry, Portsmouth and Northampton. Portsmouth has the course that I'm in love with the most, however it's a 3 hour train journey away, and I get homesick if I spend the night at a friends house, so imagine how homesick I'd get if I'm that far away. Coventry is the most convenient travel wise, but I don't know, my instinct is telling me not to go there, and from past experiences, I should always trust my instinct. Then there's Northampton (which is where my parents are trying to force me to go). I really like Northampton, but I'm so stubborn that I don't want to admit to my parents that they might be right about it.

I suppose I should take costs into consideration aswell. Northampton has the cheapest accommodation, closely followed by Portsmouth. Then the accommodation in Coventry is quite expensive compared to all the other places I've looked at, however it is the cheapest one to travel to by train.

Also, the Portsmouth and Coventry open days are on the same day! So I have to decided between the two in that respect aswell. I might just go to the Portsmouth one as an excuse to go to the seaside for the day hehe. I can get to Coventry by myself any time.

Rolf Harris!!!

Posted on Wed, Sep. 5th (2007) at 20:57

Today I went to Compton Verney with my college course. I didn't really like it there the last time I went, but this time I was amazed by the 'Shadows' exhibition. Probably one of the best art exhibitions I've ever seen, although, my fear of the dark made it a bit difficult for me to have a proper look in one of the rooms.
It's such a good feeling to finally be surrounded by a group of people that have such a positive attitude towards art. Usually at art galleries I just have a quick look around, but this time I spent at least an hour sketching in each of the exhibitions.

Now onto the best bit! When we were sat outside having our lunch, some people came back from the car park saying that Rolf Harris just drove past them! I didn't really believe them at first because I don't usually believe things until I see them for myself, but about 10 minutes later some other people came back from the cafe, saying that he was sat at the table next to them! At this point I started to believe, but still wanted to see for myself. Then, as we were all gathering outside at the end of the day, our tutor walked over to us shouting 'group picture', I didn't realise at first, but Rolf was walking over to us with him! I was so amazed lol. He stood and spoke to us all for a while, and he told us about how he dropped out of art school! Haha, not really the best thing to tell a group of art students!

Rolf Harris with Lee and the back of Will's head


Posted on Thu, Aug. 16th (2007) at 11:22
Louise has a brain in her head! I got a C in Psychology (which was what I was expecting to get) and I got BB in Art (I thought I was going to get way worse than that).

I'm well happy. I haven't seen my parents yet though, so I'm sure they'll tell me that I did shit. Never mind, I know I did well, and that's all that matters in the end.

I have A levels!... I've always wanted to be able to say that.

Next step, foundation diploma... Then degree!

I am rather angry

Posted on Tue, Jul. 31st (2007) at 16:27
Corporate bastards are tearing down Camden stables market so they can build a shopping mall. Grrr. Camden is so full of culture and individuality. But now it's just going to be full of pretentious Topshop whores. All wearing hot pants and oversized sunglasses. Why can't they just leave it alone? Money grabbing assholes.

That part of Camden has so much history to it, who the hell gave them permission to ruin it?

What would you rather wear... Something individual that's had love and care put into its design and production, OR something that everybody else wears that's been made in a sweatshop?

I know which I'd prefer. They ignored all of the petitions though. Work starts in a month!

Rhi said she's going to chain herself to the stables in protest. I imagine she won't be alone.

Red sky at night...

Posted on Sat, Jul. 14th (2007) at 21:36
I would just like to draw everyones attention to how amazing the sky looks this evening!!!

Funeral for a Friend

Posted on Fri, May. 25th (2007) at 17:17
Current Mood: contentcontent

Yesterday started off with an anxious wait before I headed to the train station to meet Lesley, Heather and Adam at about 3 o'clock. After sitting on the train for just over an hour, we arrived at Birmingham Moor Street Station, where we were greeted by Martin and Nick who had travelled there earlier in the day. We then all went to a bar (which had amazing toilets) to meet up with Martin and Nick's other friend and to get some food. However me and Lesley were not impressed with the manky brown chips, so we ran away to Tesco's to get some yummy food. After we had eaten, we made our way to the Carling Academy, where the queue was starting to build up already. It's a good job we got there as early as 5:30 though, because the queue got massive shortly after, and we were lucky to be under the bridge so we weren’t in too much danger of getting a pig's head thrown at us. Whilst we were waiting some weird man came up to us and offered us some 'free' stickers, and said that we were welcome to make a donation if we wanted. But between the seven of us we only managed to offer him about 40p, so he refused to give us stickers for that. Pfft, so much for them being 'free'. Anyway, we carried on waiting whilst making fun of the ugly boy that was in front of us, and then the doors opened at about 7:30. Nick said that we'd get a better view if we went on the balcony, so we did so, and ended up right opposite the stage with a perfect view, score.


First on stage was a band called Haunts, they weren’t too bad, not the type of thing I usually listen to, though.

After a painful wait, the stage was taken over by Receiving Ends of Sirens. They were a lot better than the first band, and they put me in the mood for Funeral even more.


Another painful wait until the stage went pitch black and the intro to into Oblivion started playing. I felt a massive rush of adrenaline run around my body and at that point I started screaming and singing as loud as I could. I would like to apologise now if I deafened Lesley, Martin and Heather. Overall I was extremely pleased with their set list; they played songs from all three albums, so I was very happy to hear some old songs in there, although I was a little disappointed that there wasn't much screaming coming from Ryan. Matt gave a beautiful speech just before they played Roses for the Dead, which gave me goose bumps and made everyone cheer even louder. They ended the night with Escape Artists Never Die, just like on the Spilling Blood DVD, so I was extremely happy.


After the gig, the seven of us went to New Street Station to get some food, then we quickly made our way to Moor Street Station to catch the train home. I usually hate long train journeys after gigs, but this time I was kept entertained by Martin and Nick, then me and Lesley played hang man, well, Lesley's version of hangman until the train driver man said "ding, ding, ding, this service terminates here".


Overall it was such an amazing night (and day).

We won!!!

Posted on Sun, May. 20th (2007) at 12:58

"Mars has abandoned plans to use animal products in its chocolate, and has apologised to upset vegetarians"


Tales Don't Tell Themselves

Posted on Mon, May. 14th (2007) at 16:07

Funeral For A Friend's new album came out today. I must admit, after listening to Into Oblivion being played on the radio over the past month, I was feeling a little nervous. I didn't want to be disappointed like I was with Hours. That 'maturity' along with only an average performance at Reading made me almost lose faith in them, but after learning to accept their new sound from Hours, I walked into HMV and purchased Tales Don’t Tell Themselves with an open mind, and as anxiety filled my stomach, I pressed play. And now I can proudly say that they have gained back my love and respect. Tales Don't Tell Themselves is amazing, okay, I admit it's nowhere near as good as Casually Dressed, but then again, I don't think it will ever be possible for them to top that.


I read the concept for the album about a month ago, and I've anxiously waited to discover how they would manage to write a whole album based on just a paragraph. But they managed it. This is probably the most cohesive album that I've ever listened to. They capture the mood in a way that makes us able to experience the true concept and all of the emotions within the story. Matt’s voice had improved tremendously as well (not that there was anything wrong with it before).


I was having my doubts about the 24th of May, but with a sigh of relief, I'm more excited than ever.

The collection increases again :D

Before Voting...

Posted on Thu, May. 3rd (2007) at 13:37

Eeek, I'm about to go and vote for the very first time in the local elections. I'm actually quite excited. When I return, I shall be an adult!

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