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Rolf Harris!!!

Posted on Wed, Sep. 5th (2007) at 20:57

Today I went to Compton Verney with my college course. I didn't really like it there the last time I went, but this time I was amazed by the 'Shadows' exhibition. Probably one of the best art exhibitions I've ever seen, although, my fear of the dark made it a bit difficult for me to have a proper look in one of the rooms.
It's such a good feeling to finally be surrounded by a group of people that have such a positive attitude towards art. Usually at art galleries I just have a quick look around, but this time I spent at least an hour sketching in each of the exhibitions.

Now onto the best bit! When we were sat outside having our lunch, some people came back from the car park saying that Rolf Harris just drove past them! I didn't really believe them at first because I don't usually believe things until I see them for myself, but about 10 minutes later some other people came back from the cafe, saying that he was sat at the table next to them! At this point I started to believe, but still wanted to see for myself. Then, as we were all gathering outside at the end of the day, our tutor walked over to us shouting 'group picture', I didn't realise at first, but Rolf was walking over to us with him! I was so amazed lol. He stood and spoke to us all for a while, and he told us about how he dropped out of art school! Haha, not really the best thing to tell a group of art students!

Rolf Harris with Lee and the back of Will's head

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