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I am rather angry

Posted on Tue, Jul. 31st (2007) at 16:27
Corporate bastards are tearing down Camden stables market so they can build a shopping mall. Grrr. Camden is so full of culture and individuality. But now it's just going to be full of pretentious Topshop whores. All wearing hot pants and oversized sunglasses. Why can't they just leave it alone? Money grabbing assholes.

That part of Camden has so much history to it, who the hell gave them permission to ruin it?

What would you rather wear... Something individual that's had love and care put into its design and production, OR something that everybody else wears that's been made in a sweatshop?

I know which I'd prefer. They ignored all of the petitions though. Work starts in a month!

Rhi said she's going to chain herself to the stables in protest. I imagine she won't be alone.

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