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Funeral for a Friend

Posted on Fri, May. 25th (2007) at 17:17
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Yesterday started off with an anxious wait before I headed to the train station to meet Lesley, Heather and Adam at about 3 o'clock. After sitting on the train for just over an hour, we arrived at Birmingham Moor Street Station, where we were greeted by Martin and Nick who had travelled there earlier in the day. We then all went to a bar (which had amazing toilets) to meet up with Martin and Nick's other friend and to get some food. However me and Lesley were not impressed with the manky brown chips, so we ran away to Tesco's to get some yummy food. After we had eaten, we made our way to the Carling Academy, where the queue was starting to build up already. It's a good job we got there as early as 5:30 though, because the queue got massive shortly after, and we were lucky to be under the bridge so we weren’t in too much danger of getting a pig's head thrown at us. Whilst we were waiting some weird man came up to us and offered us some 'free' stickers, and said that we were welcome to make a donation if we wanted. But between the seven of us we only managed to offer him about 40p, so he refused to give us stickers for that. Pfft, so much for them being 'free'. Anyway, we carried on waiting whilst making fun of the ugly boy that was in front of us, and then the doors opened at about 7:30. Nick said that we'd get a better view if we went on the balcony, so we did so, and ended up right opposite the stage with a perfect view, score.


First on stage was a band called Haunts, they weren’t too bad, not the type of thing I usually listen to, though.

After a painful wait, the stage was taken over by Receiving Ends of Sirens. They were a lot better than the first band, and they put me in the mood for Funeral even more.


Another painful wait until the stage went pitch black and the intro to into Oblivion started playing. I felt a massive rush of adrenaline run around my body and at that point I started screaming and singing as loud as I could. I would like to apologise now if I deafened Lesley, Martin and Heather. Overall I was extremely pleased with their set list; they played songs from all three albums, so I was very happy to hear some old songs in there, although I was a little disappointed that there wasn't much screaming coming from Ryan. Matt gave a beautiful speech just before they played Roses for the Dead, which gave me goose bumps and made everyone cheer even louder. They ended the night with Escape Artists Never Die, just like on the Spilling Blood DVD, so I was extremely happy.


After the gig, the seven of us went to New Street Station to get some food, then we quickly made our way to Moor Street Station to catch the train home. I usually hate long train journeys after gigs, but this time I was kept entertained by Martin and Nick, then me and Lesley played hang man, well, Lesley's version of hangman until the train driver man said "ding, ding, ding, this service terminates here".


Overall it was such an amazing night (and day).

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