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Tales Don't Tell Themselves

Posted on Mon, May. 14th (2007) at 16:07

Funeral For A Friend's new album came out today. I must admit, after listening to Into Oblivion being played on the radio over the past month, I was feeling a little nervous. I didn't want to be disappointed like I was with Hours. That 'maturity' along with only an average performance at Reading made me almost lose faith in them, but after learning to accept their new sound from Hours, I walked into HMV and purchased Tales Don’t Tell Themselves with an open mind, and as anxiety filled my stomach, I pressed play. And now I can proudly say that they have gained back my love and respect. Tales Don't Tell Themselves is amazing, okay, I admit it's nowhere near as good as Casually Dressed, but then again, I don't think it will ever be possible for them to top that.


I read the concept for the album about a month ago, and I've anxiously waited to discover how they would manage to write a whole album based on just a paragraph. But they managed it. This is probably the most cohesive album that I've ever listened to. They capture the mood in a way that makes us able to experience the true concept and all of the emotions within the story. Matt’s voice had improved tremendously as well (not that there was anything wrong with it before).


I was having my doubts about the 24th of May, but with a sigh of relief, I'm more excited than ever.

The collection increases again :D

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